Another awesome graffiti spot: Markham & VIP

October 12

I love spotting art and graffiti by raw artists expressing ideas through this creative channel. One of the well known places by many in downtown Toronto is Graffiti Alley, which I covered in an earlier post you can check out here: Wandering Downtown Alleys
Recently, came across some awesome graffiti and modern art in a pretty unexpected place; Markham & VIP movie theatre. This is a huge movie theatre, which also has a VIP theatre, where we watched “The Martian” ( an epic movie that you must watch! it made me contemplate on my life). There is an underground graffiti project in this theatre where you will find art underground in the parking lot, by elevators and in hallways; giving this place an edge.

Here are a few of the captures:





And here is my favorite; a man opening his coat to show the rainbow colors coming out of it. Now it is up to your interpretation of what you see in it, but for me its meaning seem to be “let your inner colours shine” 🙂


Hope you enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for many more, and enjoy the rest of your thanksgiving 🙂

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