Cheltenham Badlands- Nature wonders

May 31

Nature has some pretty fascinating and some even weird sights to offer, I got a chance to visit one of them this past weekend. It’s a place way past farmlands, deep in the countryside of Caledon, Ontario. A place called Cheltenham Badlands. This place has an amazing sight, great place for hiking and getting away from that city hustle and bustle.

It is a small area of badlands; land where no vegetation grows and it is comprised of many slope like rolling hills. The badlands look pretty reddish in color due to high levels of iron oxide. The reddish color and slope like rolling hills really do make it an amazing wonder of nature and a breathtaking sight. There are some carved out trails along the sides of the badlands for easier hiking and walking. Although, I myself had no issues to go through the slopes and hills. That’s what makes it that much more fun (But do use caution, as the hills and slopes can be slippery sometimes).

Standing on top of the hills provides a great view of the whole of badlands; and you get a sight of the forests and mountains. Not to mention, it feels great to be high on top and maybe catch that glimpse of the sunset! Overall, great place for hiking, walking or just to admire a change of landform.

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