Emma’s country kitchen ; breakfast & brunch

January 16

Located close to St. Clair West station; Emma’s Country Kitchen, close to downtown Toronto,  is sure to be crowded with people eager for some breakfast or brunch. Aroma of caramelized onions is what I remember from my visit, and if you know that aroma, then you know how amazing that smell is. They don’t take reservations so there was a wait time of about 20 minutes but people don’t mind the wait, as the food is worth it.

We ordered their egg quiche of the day; Spinach and cheddar cheese with onions; along with freshly squeezed orange juice and fruit salad.

20160110_185809720_iOS (2)And the classic Eggs Benedict 👍


Great place for breakfast or brunch; they close at 3:00 pm, so make sure to go early enough and expect to wait on weekends but also expect to have your taste buds satisfied 😊


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