Falasca – Roman style pizza

August 12

Sometimes a simple pizza slice is good enough to hit the spot; but at Falasca, for the price of a simple pizza, provides authentic roman flavored pizza variety. It is located conveniently by Yonge and Mount Pleasant in midtown Toronto. The place, at first glance, is not seemingly flashy outside, but you get dragged inside with the amazing aroma surrounding the place. It has a very modern chic yet simple style, once inside, with daily specials. They serve square style pizza’s during lunch and round pizza for dinner time.

Slices below are: La Numero1 (zucchini, brie, parmigiano), Arrabiata (mozzarella,scamorza cheese, garlic, chilli powder, cherry tomato), Funghi E Provola(button mushrooms, fresh mozzarella, smoke provola).

The price is based on the weight of the slices and its worth every bit of it. Great pizza place to check out if you are in the neighbourhood.

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