Gourmet Malaysia – Halal Malay Cuisine

September 16

On a mission to diversify my foodie taste buds, I got a chance to try Gourmet Malaysia located on Brimley and Sheppard, in Toronto (location map at the end). It is a halal Malaysian restaurant, convenient for all you halal food lovers and of course the rest. First time trying Malay food, so I don’t have much to compare it too, but I would qualify it as pretty good food that hits the spot and very cultural too. Price range is pretty average, about $8-$12 per dish.

Our lunch order included Hainanese chicken, Curry lamb and Roti cannai with sugar. Roti is a pastry style Malaysian/Indian bread. I had never heard of it being served with sugar, but it tasted surprisingly good, and tasted even better once dipped in the curry lamb. I must say it was pretty heavy on the oil and once dipped with the curry lamb, it was really rich but that is usual for this kind of roti. Hainanese chicken was a classic; served with rice, salad and sauce to dip it in (My favorite of the 2 dishes). The curry lamb was super tender, a bit high on salt for my personal preference, but served in a burning pot, the temperature stayed hot throughout. If it is winter time, it could be useful to cozy up close to the fire and keep warm- just a thought.

As promised, location map is below. I would rate this place pretty decent considering it was my first time trying Malaysian food, price range was also not overly pricey. Definitely check it out if you are in the neighbourhood and up for trying some different cultural cuisine.

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