Lessons through travels

July 16

So here goes some life lessons that I have learned through travels, although some are obvious but I feel we need to be reminded of these 🙂

  1. Time goes by super-fast. The good or the bad, it all flies by. We all have anticipated for our vacation to escape work, even if for 3 weeks, just to realize in a blink that it is over and we are back sitting at that desk. So enjoy the present as much as you can. The good will give us great memories and the bad will pass by anyways, so don’t stress too much.
  2. The world is not as scary as we think. News are “notable events worth sharing”; our world is primarily peaceful (some places more than others). Therefore, it’s not notable to share “it was a very peaceful day in Canada today”. It is more notable to share someone getting shot, because it rarely happens in a broader scope of things. Don’t allow the few bad incidents to deter you from travelling to places or experiencing new things. They are minor compared to the bigger picture. (we tend to  fear the unknowns)
  3. Keep expectations low. Sometimes we overhype a place or event so much in our heads, that when we actually get there, it may not meet our expectations, leaving us feeling down. It’s great to be excited, but keep those expectations reasonable, so we can truly enjoy those experiences.
  4. People make all the difference. Human connection significantly improves experiences and helps us create memories which can be shared years later to give those nostalgic feels. Speaking to locals, we learn new things and gain new perspective about a place; don’t just use knowledge from the internet to make you feel like you know it all. People sharing their stories can broaden our horizons and understandings. We may learn of a place that is so hidden and not mainstream, that it hasn’t made the “top things to do list” yet.
  5. Planning is important but adapting ensures we don’t miss out on new experiences. We plan based on what we know, but we adapt to the unknowns. Yes, plan ahead, but don’t limit yourself in that box. Be adaptable and it will open door to a whole new load of experiences.
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