Niagara Falls – Contd

May 11

There is so much to do in Niagara besides the falls. To be honest, you can stare at the falls for only so long; majority of your time will be spent at all the attractions and rides; oh and not to the mention the casino! (If you are that gambling type)

Besides the falls we went to Ripley’s 4D theatre; it is a 3D movie experience along with moving seats and real water effects. They really need to start making ALL the movies into 4D and maybe serve finger food on the side. With all that movement a full meal probably wouldn’t hold too well.

Another one of the great attractions that give you pretty much a birds eye view of the falls and everything surrounding it would be the sky wheel. We had a great view of the falls and pretty much the whole city.

Oh and this house which turns your whole view of things upside down; literally. You can go in and explore how things would feel like if there was no gravity. It feels pretty weird but neat.

Once you get tired of exploring all these attractions while walking; you can also take a break and do a small horse carriage ride and maybe feel like royalty for the few minutes you are on it. For some reason, I relate horse carriages with royalty; it reminds me of the original Cinderella story.

These were my bits of experiences in Niagara Falls; there is also Hershey’s chocolate factory with fondue fountains and chocolate covered apples that are pretty irresistible. Along with numerous other things to do for friends and family; and yes the breathtaking falls. That concludes my post about Niagara Falls, hope you enjoyed. On a side note: HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the amazing mothers and mothers to be; and to my amazing mom for tolerating me all these year and still continuing to do so! <3

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