Post vacation stages…

August 13

You enjoyed your 3 weeks or so of vacation; saw some of the best in the world. Woke up doing something new each day, eating unique cuisines, gaining new cultural experiences and interacting with new people. Not to mention that Fitbit step count was over the roof. 

….And now it’s that time to head back home.  After that long flight, you see familiar faces greeting you. You’re back; Home sweet home. 

Week 1: It still probably hasn’t kicked in yet that you are home, because the high you get after coming back from vacation does linger on for a while. If you’re lucky enough, you took an extra day off to kick off that jet leg and sleep/rest to get yourself back on track. The next few days go into filling in friends, family and coworkers about all the exciting details of your trip. While sharing, you get to relive those moments again and get those good feels with a little bit of blues kicking in. You now have to re-adjust to where you left off at work and remind yourself of everything that is going on; all the while reminiscing on the wine you were sipping with a view, in the other part of the world, this time last week.

Week 2: Once you’re well rested,  you check your credit cards to pay all those expenses incurred. But, don’t fret it! Because the experiences and good vibes gained on vacation are worth  way more then the money spent. Besides, it also reminds you to appreciate your job, because how else are those bills getting paid ? 

Week 3: At this point, it feels like your vacation was forever ago, it feels like a distant memory. You are completely back on the grind now. Your vacation blues fully kick in (if they hadn’t already) and you start missing all the experiences, while sitting at your work desk on a conference call, trying to focus, wondering what you’re doing here.

Week 4: So now what? …After feeling the blues hopefully your adventure senses are still tingling and so you seek out new mini getaways to take an hour away. Perhaps check out new foodie finds or just carry on that high your vacation gave you by becoming a tourist in your own city.

Week 5:  You start planning for your next vacation. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this light take on post vacation stages and do share any other experiences post your vacation. Being able to get away to new places  is a privilege only a few get to experience, but it’s only human to feel the blues. So use those eyes of fresh perspective, which you used while on vacation, of seeing the new in the everyday  things around you.

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