Random Chinese Diner Finds

March 24


This diner is located around Midland and Sheppard in Scarborough. I won’t try to say what the name of this restaurant is (Yes, I am not Chinese), but I was told it says “Beuco” which means cousin in Cantonese. I don’t think that is the full name of the diner, but part of it does incorporate the word cousin in it.

I have been to this place several times before and I am never disappointed. Most of the times I go here, it is for the super cheap lunch combos, also known as “Afternoon Tea”. They serve it till about 5:30-6:00 pm. Right next to this place, there is also a really nice Asian food court, serving variety of dishes in a food court environment. The food court is even cheaper then this diner, but if you are looking for a nice place to sit and be served, then it is a good place to be.

NOW, lets get to the FOOD already! Yes I was here this weekend and I absolutely love their baked dishes, as you can see below. It is baked chicken with Portuguese sauce and baked fish with Portuguese cheese sauce. It was as DELICIOUS, or maybe even more, then it looks!

And then of course we had our cravings of fried food that we fulfilled with the serving of Fish filet on a bun with fries.

Followed by obviously our actual “Afternoon Tea”: Honey Lemon Tea and Milk Tea.


Overall, a great diner with great service and it satisfied my craving for real Chinese food! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed eating the food (which was a lot).
Maybe time for me to go on a detox body cleanse is coming soon, after all those greasy fries~

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    1. Try Firefly Seafood & Steak House at First Markham Place. They offer HK style Western food all at very reasonable prices. The quality is generally pretty good and portions are fairly generous. In the same plaza is a place called Ding Tai Fung, it’s a dim sum place but was best known for their soup filled dumplings. They went down hill a few years back.. going from lines out the door to barely half full, usually 1/4 or less, at lunch time. Looks like they have imporoved again as the place is filling up again, but I can’t comment on how good (or bad) they are now. Not nearly as busy as they use to be, but at least they are busy at lunch again with all tables full.

      1. Thanks for the tip, I will check it out 🙂

    1. Looks yummy! I would appreciate if you add google maps locations into your posts!

      1. Thanks for the advise vitally, that’s a good idea. I will start incorporating google maps in my future posts!

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