Roll Play Cafe – For those game nights

April 5

Taboo, Connect4, Monopoly, Clue and many more board/card games that I don’t even know how to play, are all here in Roll Play Café. Pretty neat place for those bonding nights with friends or family. Located around Yonge & Dundas, it is right in the heart of Downtown, Toronto.

It was my first time here, and I got 5 dollars cash, just to fill out a survey! Now, this is probably just because they are trying to gather their demographic and get feedback on the place, but free money is free money. Besides playing those conventional games like Taboo, I learned to play “Bluff”, which basically, to me, seemed like a game about how convincing you can be at making people believe your lies. It is definitely a good practice game to prep for your poker face.


Food here is mainly finger food and snacks, though a pretty good variety. I had their Greek pizza with spinach, chicken and tzatziki sauce (LOVE Tzatziki), and their oh so mouth watering, brownie cheesecake.


A good night enjoyed with good company, not to mention all these games, really gets your brain going.-



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