Seafoodie Finds – Diana’s Oyster Bar and Grill

June 28

Feeling some good seafood? or just in a mood to stuff your face with oysters? Wow I sound like an advertisement for the restaurant, but I am just a fan 🙂 Diana’s Oyster Bar and Grill is located close to the intersection of Warden and Lawrence Ave. East (2105 Lawrence Ave. East), and they provide some seriously quality seafood platters to satisfy your cravings. I have only been here twice as it is a bit on the pricier side for me ($25-35 avg per dish) but you may not find it as expensive depending on who you are. Their quality is great, they have some great variety and a cozy location. Portion sizes are also generous, not like one small piece of seafood in the middle of a white plate, know what I mean?

So enough of my banter, here goes; most recently I went, for starters we had their soup special of the day (usually $8); It was some cream soup with leaks, scallops and a citrusy flavor, I can’t seem to remember the name but I remember the taste and it was delish! They also always serve you with a side of bread, just try not to fill up on all those carbs as the main course does require some appetite.


Last time I had also tried their tomato vegetarian soup of the day, also very hearty.


Now to the main course; Lobster and Shrimp Tagliatelli ($28)


My favorite from the two times I have been here; Diana’s Surf and Turf ($36)


Last time I also tried their Grilled and Deboned Whole Red Snapper along with the Tagliatelli mentioned above.


They also have oyster specials for all you oyster lovers; that is their main catch for people, though I have yet to try their oysters. If you have tried them do share your thoughts with me 🙂 Overall, great place, not for every day eats but once in a while for occasions or when you feel like spoiling yourself, it is worth checking out.

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