Spring is officially here; now time for the weather to comply

March 22

Rouge Beach Park Scarborough (2013)
Rouge Beach Park Scarborough (2013)

If you are in Toronto, then you have definitely had a taste of this forever winter that is upon us from late last year. If you are within GTA, then the big power outage from the winter storm; should also sound familiar. Spring officially began two days ago on March 20th, and I for one, am ready to shed all those layers of jackets, go out for bike rides, long walks, beaches, festivals, street vendors and  FOOD TRUCKS! Nothing tastes more amazing to me then those authentic food truck meals.

The photo above of Rouge Beach Park is from last summer. It is a beautiful scenic and peaceful place to be if you are in the Scarborough area. Great place for bike rides, walks,  just to enjoy the beach or whatever it is that you please. For me, I went fishing here for the first time last year and to my surprise, it is a GREAT peaceful spot to do so, especially for amateurs like me. I didn’t have much luck in actually catching a fish; even though one did get caught in my bait but managed to wiggle away (Insert sad face). Besides that disappointment, it was seriously fun just enjoying the gorgeous weather and playing the waiting game. Maybe this year I will have better luck (fingers crossed).

This marks my first official post of the many to come about exploring Toronto and the world,  and all the yummy food out there! I hope you enjoyed it. 😀

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