Thai Cuisine – Sukho Thai

June 29

Thai Cuisine; rich in its flavors and spices. Sukho Thai is conveniently located in the downtown Toronto core on 52 Wellington Street East. It was my first time trying out this place after many good reviews from friends and I was sold; it also serves all halal meat dishes, bonus for those who prefer that.

For starters we ordered shrimp spring rolls with peanut sauce. The peanut sauce had a very curry like texture and feel to it; it tasted great. The vegetables in spring rolls were fresh and crisp. The presentation was very vibrant and colorful; very appetizing.

Followed by our appetizer, which felt very light and fresh. I tried out one of their specialty dishes “Khao Soi”, which consists of yellow noodles in curry with blend of spices from northern Thailand. For presentation, the dish is topped with crispy noodles which gives it a good crunch. Our server said it goes good with beef so that’s the option I opted for and I was not disappointed. The curry was full of flavor.

At Sukho Thai, they also have spice levels for every dish; mild, medium, spicy and Thai spicy (which is amazingly spicy). I ordered medium spicy, thinking it can’t be that bad, but unfortunately it was a bit too spicy for me; so if you are not able to tank much spice I would suggest opting for the mild option. If you are feeling adventurous then HEY! go for that Thai spicy! My friend ordered that Thai spicy level in their dish “Gaeng Panang”, which is panang curry with their authentic spices and peppers along with the option of chicken. The presentation looks great but dare I say it was super spicy for me.

Overall, this place has a great atmosphere along with great presentation and flavors within a reasonable price. I would go again (:

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