The Charcoal Kebab House – Scarborough

September 13

Hello all, I am back again with a new foodie find in Scarborough!:D I know, I have been MIA for a while now. I was on a mini Euro Trip, which I can’t wait to share with you all. Just have to get everything organized before I can do so. Today, sharing with you all a pretty cool restaurant I tried yesterday. It is called Charcoal Kebab House, located on Lawrence road close to Bellamy road. The food here is from people of Xingjiang called Uyghur (look up on this region and people if you are interested in learning more about them 🙂 ) Personally, to me their food tasted similar to a mixture of afghan and middle eastern food with an Asian fusion. Oh, and food here is also halal.

If you go here, you must try their kebabs; We tried their spicy lamb kebabs, very chewy, would have wished they were a bit more tender but nonetheless they were very tasty.


Next we tried lamb on their traditional boiled rice, very delicious and I could definitely see their cultural hint in the flavours, very subtle but yet it gets your taste buds going.


Finally, they are known for their handmade noodles so we tried their noodles and chicken dish. They are not long noodles, rather short in a very flavorful sauce with vegetable and your choice of meat.


The vibe in the place is very traditional and unique, its hard to explain so go check it out and try some new fusion of food from a totally different culture, I personally loved the experience. It is not overly cheap, I would say mid price, our total for the three dishes and drinks came to $50. Personally, I felt it is worth it for those once in a while occasions. 🙂 If you have already been there or know more about the Uyghur culture, do share your experience in comments below!

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    1. Hey , thanks for this post buddy, I told my wife and told her we have to check out this restaurant!!! Looks yummy!
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