Trip to Tobermory, Ontario

June 21

I have missed out on blogging for quite a few weeks now due to life happening; but have quiet a lot of back log to share with you all. I will again start the routine of doing posts every Sunday 🙂
On this years May long weekend; I went to Tobermory for a little getaway with my friends and it is a refreshing and breathtaking place to visit for a little break. From Toronto to Tobermory it is about 3 and half to 4 hour drive. I would definitely recommend driving to this place as once you get here; you really need a car to get around to the various attractions. We stayed in “Hidden Valley Motel”,Tobermory. It is about 10 minutes from Bruce Peninsula National Park and a few more from downtown Tobermory.


Yes, that serene place was our motel. Even though it is called a motel, it was more like a mini cottage. There is a pond on the back, along with a bonfire place. The owners are really friendly; the only con was that at the time we went, there were a lot of flies there; mainly outside and probably because it had rained the day before. But if you are on an outdoors trip then these critters should be expected. We also brought our own food to cook, it is a good idea to do so, as there isn’t much to eat around and could be super expensive. They had a kitchen, so the 3 days we were there we had enough food stocked.

First stop we went to the big tub harbour; and saw one of the lighthouses and just soaked in how amazing clear and blue the water was; you can’t get that in the city.

Crazy crystal clear water…


Afterwards we went on to “Fathom Five National Marine Park”; it has a lot of hiking trails inside and there is also a viewing tower to get a vantage point view of the whole area. For hiking, something I learned is that trees are marked and you are suppose to follow the same markers on trees to reach the end of the trail; lucky for us, we had an experienced hiker with us who knew what she was doing 🙂

Viewing tower.

Once we finished our long tiring but refreshing hiking we went up on the viewing tower and saw the beautiful sunset. Since, I don’t have a professional camera, of course the sunset view is not as professional but you get the idea.

That was a long 3-4 hours hike for the first day, so we called it a day and headed back to our motel and made dinner and hung around before calling it a night.
The next day, we woke up bright and early to head to Bruce Peninsula National Park. The point to get to the main Bruce Peninsula, we had to do about half an hour of a hike; to get to the caves, main peninsula and cave areas that you most often view in pictures.


Yes, isn’t that breathtaking and the water looks so pure. Even though it was May, water was freezing, there were some brave hearts that wore their swimsuits and took a dive in, but even they couldn’t last more then a few minutes. Water there is cold all year round even during the summer time. Then there is “The Grotto”, which is another main attraction, another cave that people can go in an sit inside of. The only way to get down there is to climb down so make sure to have your strong grip running shoes with you.

The Grotto.

There were also several small caves that you can climb down and explore;

We sat there for hours; it was just so serene and peaceful. We had our food there, which we packed and once done, we started our hike back. Once, we got back to the car we headed down to Downtown Tobermory to visit their infamous “Sweet Shop” for some well deserved ice cream 😀 I realized that I don’t have any pictures from downtown Tobermory because I was so exhausted from the hike; but definitely give it a visit if you have some spare time. It is fairly small that if you take a few rounds; you would have seen the core of their downtown.

That night we did bonfire, marshmallows and star gazing. It was so wonderful to be away from all the light pollution of the city and actually be able to see the sky light up with hundreds of stars. I learned to carve my own wooden stick to put the marshmallows on to, probably the only nature survival skill I learned, if you would even call it that.

The next morning was our last day at the amazing place, I felt so strangely energized even though I barely had any sleep from our hike the day before. We sat at the swing outside of our motel and took one final look at the place.

We said bye to the owners and their pet dog; who didn’t seem too fond of us as he just sat there showing us his back. (quiet an attitude for a small dog if I may say so :P)

And we were on our way back from this awesome trip. But wait… we didn’t want it to be over just yet so an hour in our drive back, we stopped by Sauble Beach and enjoyed the beach until eventually heading back.

So, that was my trip to Tobermory; One thing that was on our to do list but we didn’t get the time to do so was go to “Flower Pot” Island, it is on my list for next time. If you get a chance, definitely go there and check out the ship wrecks that are visible under water. Just writing this post reminded me of the great times I had there so if this summer or next or whenever you want something to do for a long weekend, definitely consider Tobermory. It is a fairly cheap and great getaway for those weekends.

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    1. Great post. Seemed like a place that would free your mind of thoughts. More places like those are needed in order to realize the city life is man made. And such beautiful places like those are made by earth and God. Hope to hear of your next trip.


      1. Thanks 🙂 Sometimes that’s what we need to free our mind.

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