Visit to the Great Falls

April 19

This long weekend, I got the chance to go to Niagara Falls. It is just one of those places that you must visit if you come to or live in Canada. The falls are a breathtaking view, and a great escape from everyday working life.

We started off our day with breakfast in a small diner. We ordered the usual eggs and sausages along with the unconventional fish & chips, early in the morning. It has to be good for the soul, to break out of that routine once in a while. Ordering Greek salad on the side, was my way of making me feel less guilty of all that oh so greasy goodness.


And here was the best captured shot I got of the amazing falls. It is right after sunset. Nothing compared to how it feels to be right by the falls and realize how amazing the wonders of nature can be.

Yes take it in! I can stand there all day and still be mesmerized by its beauty.

Later in the night, we missioned to find a good Indian/Pakistani buffet and luckily, managed to find one. It had a great variety from Mutton Paneer to the always satisfying Chicken Biryani. My plate below has Biryani topped with Raita (traditional yogurt style), Butter Chicken and Naan. Now, I will be honest, it doesn’t do the place justice, as to how much variety they had, but I was so hungry, this is all I got to capture in between stuffing my face.

There are many more things we did, during our stay there, but I will be sharing that in my next post here. As for this post, I wanted to keep it short and simple. Its time now to catch up on some sleep. Hope you enjoyed! (:

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